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Tim Grant

Thank you for visiting my website!  I hope you find some imagery in the following pages that resonate.  



If you would like to know a little bit about the

things that motivate me; have a look at the section,

“Artist’s Statement”.   For details about my education and professional development, check out my resume.



The section on “Landscape Painting” focuses on works from nature.  Many of these paintings are inspired by hikes that I have taken locally and nationally.  Some of the paintings were inspired by hikes that I take with my kids: Keeka and Tyler.  Still others were inspired by the "Hiking for Hunger" project.  If you would like to know about "Hiking for Hunger", click here: H4H

The section titled, “Mixed Media” deals with a project that I have been working on for several years.  After completing a painting, I make copies of it and then cut it apart and re-assemble it in different ways.  The idea is to follow an additive process with a subtractive process, a sort of de-construction.  The cycle is completed with a kind of re-birth by putting the work back together as a new variation of the original composition.

The section on “Public Art” includes large-scale work commissioned for Murals, Theater, Ballet and other Special Events.  I have spent the majority of my career on these projects and there is a special place in my heart for work that is intended for the public.  As I get older, I am working on fewer large-scale projects…  but I will never get tired of the exhilaration I feel when collaborating with  music and the performing arts.

If you want to know more about my life journey through the unpredictable and bizarre world of art, click here for my biography  ......


…. which is still a work in progress! 


Lastly, you can read about some of my projects in the articles included in the last section.



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